An Autumn Wedding in the Lake District

When I found out Greg and Shelley were getting married in the Lake District, I couldn't have been more ready for it. Despite now living in Devon, the Lake District is where I grew up. The lakeside venue of Town Head Estate lies in a prime location on the shores of arguably the most picturesque lake in England. Not only is this venue just 20 minutes drive from my childhood home, but it's also where my sister got married! Having previously been a guest at this venue, I knew just how special this day was going to be.

I checked the weather the night before and saw the conditions would be perfect for some mist over the water. I decided to arrive nice and early to capture some autumnal landscape images, evoking feelings of calm before the excitement.

A little while later, I went to see Greg and Shelley who were staying at the venue. They were both calm and collected - you'd never have known it was one of the most significant days of their lives! I let them get ready while I got some detail shots and photographed the beautiful interior. 

The pace of the day gradually began to increase. With hair and make up just about complete, it was time to get dressed! Both parties were in high spirits, creating a fun and relaxing atmosphere. The first emotional moment of the day came when Shelley's mum walked up the stairs to see her daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. Both Shelley and her mum were beaming with excitement, now the event was feeling more real than ever. Despite apparently being camera shy, Shelley was eager to show off her gorgeous dress which had pockets! A huge win.

With everyone ready, I went to the ceremony room to stand with Greg, who was accompanied by his dog and little nephew who were great at calming Greg's nerves. Over a hundred guests had travelled from London for the occasion, so no pressure!

Immediately after beautiful the ceremony, I got a quiet moment outside with Greg and Shelley. With champagne in their hand, and gorgeous orange light shimmering through the trees, I captured some portrait photos in the exhilarating minutes after being declared husband and wife!

A cocktail reception was immediately followed by a boat trip on Lake Windermere! A beautiful way for these Londoners to experiencs England's beautiful north. One of the guests had brought their drone out to get some video of the scene for a homemade wedding film. That caused some excitement until the speed of the boat was a little too fast for the drone pilots liking... Let's just say that nobody will be seeing that footage and the wedding just got a little bit more expensive!

After the minor drone related blip, I managed to get a quiet moment with Greg and Shelley at the stern of the boat. It was beautifully clear but cold November day, forcing them to cuddle up to each other to keep warm - no directing needed! The boat turned around to head back to the venue just as golden hour started to pop. With perfect light and an affectionate couple, the shots I got were some of my favourite shots of the day.

After docking, all of the guests headed back to the venue, while we stayed by the lake to get some couple's photos here. With such beautiful scenery it was impossible not to get some stunning photos! These photos are some of my favourite of the year, and have become a main stay on my website home page.

With any cobwebs well and truly blown away, it was time for the speeches and the meal. Following the meal, The Daddy-O's band started the party and did such a great job I decided to hire them for my own wedding! During the first dance, there was one moment where both Greg and Shelley connected with the camera. Song after song, people danced their socks off and sang their hearts out. Seeing Greg and Shelley's families all together dancing and laughing, I knew these would be some of their most precious moments of their lives. I drove back to my parent's house that evening - the house I grew up in - smiling all the way home!