A city centre wedding in the heart of Bath

Somehow in my twenty-seven years on earth, I had never been to Bath. So when I got the enquiry to photograph a wedding in the heart of the city, I was excited to explore! I decided to visit a couple of weeks before Chris and Bethany’s wedding to get to know Bath city centre. Being northern I refuse to pronounce it like “Barth”, I think I am actually incapable of it. I used my ever faithful Indy Coffee Guide to find a nearby coffee shop, I visited the venue itself to plan the ceremony and group shots, and then explored the area, searching for some nice nature inspired photo opportunities. 

Chris and Bethany had chosen the impressive Guildhall as their wedding venue. Recently famous for being a filming location on Bridgerton, the Guildhall sits next to the city cathedral and the Roman Baths.

On the wedding day I met Chris, Bethany and some guests outside the Guildhall. Being at the beginning of May, it was the first hot day of the year - and it reminded me that I really need to invest in a linen suit! It was soon time for the guests to take their seats.

The ceremony was in the Alkmaar Room which has beautiful wooden interiors and large windows providing natural light. Bethany walked down the aisle with her Dad, and her nieces as flower girls. After the ceremony, the guests went to wait outside, while we got a couple of photos on the marble steps inside the hall. They then came outside for a confetti exit, right into the heart of the city!

With the midday light being very harsh, I decided to do the group shots in the shade of the cathedral. The ancient stone and stained glass windows made for a beautiful backdrop. This turned into a bit of a social gathering in itself, which Chris and Bethany eventually managed to escape so they could get some photos of just the two of them. 

We went to the nearby Parade Gardens, a private garden owned by the city, and free to enter if you just got married! Knowing that these newlyweds were not super comfortable in front of the camera, I suggested they have a walk around the gardens while getting some candid shots from afar. As their confidence increased, we then got some lovely photos in a few different spots. This lovely couple found it easy to show each other affection, and I could see that despite being a little nervous at first, they were beginning to enjoy the photoshoot!

Later we all met at The Ivy for the reception. The timeless and fashionable decor was complemented by a lovely three-course meal and plentiful drinks for the well-stocked bar. Not wanting to put their family through the stress of speeches, they decided to tuck straight into the food, and I can't argue with that! Bethany’s mum had made the wedding cake herself, which featured two little ducks. Being an avid twitcher, this was one of my favourite aspects of the wedding! 

To Bethany and Chris, it was an honour to be a part of your day. Thank you for allowing me to explore a new city, and spend the day with such lovely people! I hope these photos will be enjoyed for decades to come!